Seasonal Plumbing Tips

Are you prepared to Fall into winter?

Here is Your Fall Checklist:

  • Water Heater – Temperature check, Flush it out to remove sediment, and pressure check.
  • Fireplace – Cleaning, Valves and connections inspection, Leak Detection, and Vent Checks.
  • Outdoor Spigot – Drain any remaining water, disconnect the hose, and cover spigot.

Why Are Waterbeds So Bouncy?

They are filled with spring water! And so are your drains. In the spring you want to focus on your drains. Here is your spring checklist:

  • Leaks – Faucets, Pipes, Toilets, and water meter check.
  • Unused Drain – For drains that don’t get used often, run a gallon of water down to prevent odors and slow drains. Have them snaked if necessary.
  • Water Heater – Temperature check, flush it out to remove sediment, and pressure check.
  • Hoses – Inspect hoses of water using appliances for cracks, bulges, and wear.

Water You Doing My Friend? 

Are you keeping up with your summer plumbing chores this year? Here is your summer checklist:

  • Tree Roots – If tree roots are causing problems, schedule a snaking of the sewer main.
  • Outdoor Spigots – Time to turn them back on. Check for and repair any leaking hose bibs.
  • Outside fixtures – Clean yard sprinklers, fountains, and swimming pools.
  • Clogs – Address slow drains and weak flushes to enjoy the weather instead of worrying.

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