We Fix Leaky Faucets in Charlotte, NC

We Fix Leaky Faucets in Charlotte, NC

Call Today For Plumbing Leak Repairs

When it comes to fixing leaks, catching them early can save you a fortune. When ignored, even minor leaks can lead to major water damage. Bliss Plumbing will perform a thorough home inspection, then present you with our recommendations for repair.

Left untreated, a leak could even damage your home’s foundation. Don’t risk it—call Bliss Plumbing in Charlotte, NC today.

5 signs you need a leak repaired

Could a leak be hiding right under your nose? Signs of a leak include:

  1. Rust-colored stains
  2. Puddles of water
  3. Strange odor
  4. Unusual noises
  5. Dripping sounds

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, don’t ignore them for another day. A serious problem could be wreaking havoc behind your walls. To combat leaky pipes, we also offer faucet, toilet and sink repair to clients throughout Charlotte, NC. Call us now to schedule an appointment.